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Trasier is a distributed business tracing platform that gives a quick insight into data exchanged by software services.
Unlike a typical APM, Trasier focuses on business tracing and detects anomalies in business processes.

What is a business process?
It depends on the use case. It may be a single request send from one system to another (trading platforms), or it may ba a complex multi step booking process that takes minutes or hours (booking a hotel, flight or train ticket including batch processing). In some cases it is a process that takes days to complete (shipment tracking systems).

Spead up development time

Visualize the message flow in your distributed architecture. Measure latency between services and know what request was served by what host. See all the events in the order of their cause no matter of the geographical location of the server involved in the request processing.

Simplify bug triage

Quickly knowing which system made a request to fail significantly simplifies bug triage. If you notice that the data printed on the ticket are different from those provided while booking the ticket, you can quickly check the message payloads, analyse the data and assign the bug to the proper team along with the Trasier's url. Such analysis requires often no technical knowledge. No risky remote debugging on prod needed anymore!

Trace business processes, no matter how long they take

Trasier aggregates and displays data by business processes. Let's say the business process is a flight booking system. In such system multiple services are involved, like authentication, customer profiles, prices, offers, availability, booking, payment, fulfilment and many more. Trasier allows to correlate, visualize and asses data from all these services by business process.

Squash bugs faster

View the details of http, soap, rest, jms or jdbc calls to identify which service returned incorrect data. Leverage artificial inelegance for automatic error detection in business processes.

Data security

Trasier API allows to mask, encrypt or remove message payloads or parts of it before sending it to the tracing backend. The data is transmitted and stored securely.

How is it different from distributed tracing?

Most APM and distributed tracing tools focus on the technical aspects of tracing such as latency measurement.
Trasier additionally allows to capture message payloads and correlate traces by business processes. Trasier is not only a set of libraries. It is a distributed tracing platform that leverages artificial intelligence to detect anomalies in business processes on the fly.

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Build to scale

Injest large amount of data at high volume


Data transmitted and stored encrypted

Easy integration

Add a java dependency and start tracing

Based on open source standards

Based on open source tracing standard libraries


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